Monday, December 15, 2014

By Way of an Introduction

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

My name's Nathanial Cook. I go by Nat with my friends and family. Some people hear "Matt" when I introduce myself in person, so I end up being called "Matt" by some people - those people - and a few kind souls like to write my name as "Gnat," or to say "Guh-Nat" to my face. Well, enough about that.

I'm a writer. It doesn't matter whether I get paid or not to write - it's just what I do. Other than family (and I include close friends in this group), my writing is what's most important to me in life. Why? What is it about writing that's so compelling for me? I'd say it's about getting the stories, ideas, and worlds I've got inside my mind across to others in an artful, fun way, so that writer and reader both enjoy taking the story's journey together. That work for you? It does for me.

This blog will be about writing - mainly mine, but I might look at others' techniques and word-paintings every now and again. Nothing else will await you here: no politics, no religion, no personal stuff, no "food porn," etc. If you like writing, are interested in writing in general, and in my writing in particular (all the better!), this is one place to go. The other would be my books and short stories. I may talk about those here, too - in fact, I'd bet on it.

Just a little more about your narrator ... hm, what's important to know here? I'm 47, married, with two stepsons. I've been writing since at least 1989, but probably before that. If you count making my own comic books, then it goes back to age seven, maybe. Anyhow, it's been a long time. I became more serious about writing (i.e. believing people might want to read what I wrote) in college. Since then, I have completed and published one novel and one short story, but I've got many works-in-progress.

I'll write about anything, but I tend to concentrate on speculative fiction (sort of like sci-fi, but lighter on the science), fantasy, humor, and occasionally horror. I like Poe, Lovecraft, Jonathan Carroll, and others I'll recall of as soon as I've hit "Publish" on this post.

I want to keep these entries short and "sweet," so I'll stop now, but I hope to update this blog two or three times per week, if I can hack it. Please let me know if you have any questions or topics you'd like to discuss. One thing: please don't tell me what I should have or shouldn't have said. This is my blog, and I plan to post as I see fit. Cool? Yeah ... so let's meet again in a day or two and talk writing!


  1. Greetings!

    Bookmarked. I'll return when I've had some sleep :)

  2. You were up even later than I was! Why oh why did I wake up at 6 am, though?